Career Bites, with Creative Director Shirea L. Carroll

Here's to all the ambitious souls giving their all to get to where they want to be. To all the talented folks with big dreams that have to overcome even bigger roadblocks. To all the people who have learned to enjoy the journey, but feel they still can't figure out how their not at their exact of destination - this career coaching is for you.

On the path to our dream careers, we need encouragement from someone that understands the struggle, and can offer insight and new ways of looking at the process. With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment business, VH1's Senior Producer and Creative Director Shirea L. Carroll wants to offer you career coaching as a way to pay it forward. From **$50 - $99 chat with a professional that has the network and contacts, just as large as her desire to help. It's time to get a new perspective on how to achieve your goals!

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